Our January 2012 course at the Rhode Island School of Design asks the questions, “How can complex public policy
such as the Healthcare Reform Act be communicated to the public? How can we help citizens inform themselves so that
they can make informed assessments and judgments?” Bringing their diverse visual and conceptual skills, students will
experiment with effective ways of translating a written legislative document into effective visual and graphic design that
makes the information clear, accessible and understandable.
Images from our class are here. Course designed and taught by Lindsay Kinkade

PocketPatient is an imagined future app for patient-centered healthcare wherein patients would be able to keep track of their health, health insurance, health care costs, and changes in the Affordable Care Act.

Its features include a personal health dashboard with all the patient’s up-to-date medical information on it, an exam/screening/medication reminder, an overview of the patient’s heath care plan and benefits, a copay estimator, a symptoms checker, and easy access to a personal list of health care providers.

Tabitha Yong

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