Our January 2012 course at the Rhode Island School of Design asks the questions, “How can complex public policy
such as the Healthcare Reform Act be communicated to the public? How can we help citizens inform themselves so that
they can make informed assessments and judgments?” Bringing their diverse visual and conceptual skills, students will
experiment with effective ways of translating a written legislative document into effective visual and graphic design that
makes the information clear, accessible and understandable.
Images from our class are here. Course designed and taught by Lindsay Kinkade

Visual Glossary

Primary Care

A health provider that provides the main care for a patient and may recommend the patient for services with specialists. Primary healthcare providers are commonly doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Typically primary care practitioners offer prevention and treatment for common illness and maintain a long term relationship with their patients. Some insurance companies choose not to have a primary care provider which allows patients to choose on their own if they would like to go to a specialized practitioner.

Job Based Health Plan

A job based health plan is healthcare provided to an employee by his or her employer. Sometimes these health plans include an employer’s family, other times, they do not. Job-based health plans are common as perks for working in large companies - it is often hard for small business to provide such services. Some people in the government are worried that job-based health plans will not be available in the future because tax-breaks for such services are most likely going to be cut due to budgetary concerns.


A copayment is the small percentage of the monetary amount due at an office visit or pharmacy that is payed for by the patient. The larger portion of the monetary amount due is what is covered by the insurance company. Generally copayments are cheaper for visits to primary care doctors which is usually associated with insurance companies discouraging visits to the emergency room or other specialized services. Copayment rates are fixed fees that do not fluctuate however they differ from service to service. -

-Samantha Clark

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